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Tamicka Walker

Tamicka Walker

I have been teaching little ones since 2013. I am currently a 1st grade teacher in South Carolina. I have a Master’s degree in early childhood education and a BA in Psychology. I enjoy making learning fun and engaging for all learners. Recently, I found love for ELA curriculm writing and I can’t wait to do more with curriculum planning and writing. Outside of the four walls of the classroom, I enjoy gardening, being a wife, daughter and friend.

Recent Posts by Tamicka Walker:

by Tamicka Walker, on Mar 29, 2022 3:03:20 PM

I love Bloomz and have been using it for about 3 or 4 years now. One of my favorite features that I really enjoy (that sets Bloomz apart from the …

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by Tamicka Walker, on May 19, 2021 1:32:33 PM

During this season of Covid-19 we’ve experienced many transitions as educators. Learning to cope with each transition has been mentally, emotionally, and physically challenging for most people. Personally, at first …

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by Tamicka Walker, on Mar 9, 2021 12:04:19 PM

Covid-19 made everyone and everything in the world shift, especially the world of EDUCATION. It’s time for a shift! As an educator, I have learned early on to be resilient …

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