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    by Horacio Ochoa, on Aug 1, 2018 7:05:38 PM

    As the new year approaches and many more teachers are signing up for a Bloomz account to boost their parent communication at their classroom or school, we've been receiving a …

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    by Jude Miqueli, on Jul 28, 2017 2:41:39 PM

    Are you still using email to communicate with families? Have you noticed that parents aren't opening them or they do two days after you needed? More and more these days, …

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    Topics:parent communicationParental EngagementTeacher appGuest PostTechnology

    by Bloomz, on Apr 1, 2017 12:10:36 PM

    One of the questions I see often from our users is “I have multiple classes, and I want to be able to add an event to more than one class, …

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    by Horacio Ochoa, on Jul 12, 2016 11:31:59 PM

    We know it feels like Summer only just started... but, here at Bloomz, we are getting ready for the new school year. And we took a big step to an …

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    Topics:NewsTeacher appAnnouncements

    by Bloomz, on Feb 19, 2016 3:45:14 PM

    1. Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because I wanted to make a difference in the world. I knew the best way to make a difference …

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    Topics:Awesome TeachersFeatured TeacherTeacher appteacherclassroom communityeducation

    by Bloomz, on Nov 25, 2015 5:28:50 PM

    1. That’s my oven… When making parent phone calls, it is easy to get caught up in chatting about everything from their children to the weather. You plan for a …

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    by Bloomz, on Nov 23, 2015 3:51:56 AM

    It’s rare that I read an article and have a complete “aha, yes! moment”. Larry Ferlazzo’s article entitled “Involvement or Engagement” did exactly that. Parental Engagement has become a trendy …

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    Topics:parent communicationParental EngagementFeatured ArticleTeacher appteacherCommunity Supportclassroom communityStrategieseducationparent

    by Bloomz, on Nov 13, 2015 9:53:17 PM

    Why did you become a teacher? The concepts in elementary school did not come easily to me. I understood what it was like to struggle in class and feel embarrassed …

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    Topics:Awesome TeachersFeatured TeacherTeacher appAwardsteacherclassroom communityeducation

    by Bloomz, on Sep 18, 2015 3:41:47 PM

    1. Why did you become a teacher? I became a teacher because it’s the best way I know how to have a positive impact in the world – plus 5th …

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    Topics:Awesome TeachersFeatured TeacherTeacher appteacherclassroom communityeducation