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by Bloomz, on Apr 1, 2017 12:10:36 PM

One of the questions I see often from our users is “I have multiple classes, and I want to be able to add an event to more than one class, …

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by Laura Briggs, on Mar 30, 2017 7:23:37 AM

As teachers, we want to make sure that we are creating a welcoming environment where parents feel at ease to contact us for any reason about their child. In most …

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by Bloomz, on Feb 8, 2016 12:34:17 PM

Alright. You found this amazing communication tool to help with parent communication. You sit down and create your class. You find the perfect picture of yourself, and the perfect cover …

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by Bloomz, on Nov 25, 2015 5:28:50 PM

1. That’s my oven… When making parent phone calls, it is easy to get caught up in chatting about everything from their children to the weather. You plan for a …

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by Bloomz, on Nov 18, 2015 3:15:09 PM

My son at last years Harvest Fest. We ended up with two goldfish. This and chicken. Children are the best at naming pets. Every year at our school we hold …

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by Bloomz, on Sep 3, 2015 3:19:17 PM

A new year of school has started…. a new set of kiddos, a new set of routines and expectations, a new set of parents, and a new set of headaches …

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by Bloomz, on Jul 21, 2015 3:00:43 AM

User Question- "I am new to Bloomz, but I don't have an invitation code. Can I still sign up for an account?" In short: Yes. When you click on "I'm …

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by Bloomz, on Jun 29, 2015 2:40:49 PM

Being a teacher, I like to organize…. my classroom. The more color coded I can be- the better. I love matching baskets. I freak out over the dollar section at …

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by Bloomz, on May 18, 2015 3:45:13 AM

If you were to ask me what the most underrated feature is on the Bloomz app I would say hands down- Groups. As educators, we get so caught up in …

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